The humble ABODA – Cheshire Magazine feature

Originally hailing from Sale and Urmston but having moved abroad at the age of 13, it wasn’t until he had enjoyed a few years of being ‘a bit nomadic’ (and 15 years in the travel and leisure industry), moved to London, met and married his wife Lisa and had their first child, Jack, that Mark Oakes finally decided to move back to Cheshire. The family settled in Mere (later moving to Bowdon), and by 2005 had chosen to build their own home – a project which turned out to be much more of a challenge then they had expected. 

“We wanted to build something very modern and contemporary and back then it was a real struggle to find the right architect and builder to fulfil our dreams, particularly in the north,” Mark tells me. “Suffice to say, had ABODA Living existed back then, we’d have appointed them and it’s for that reason we exist.” 

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